What We Do: Gourmet Provisions for Enthusiastic Cooks

For the enthusiastic cook who also has a busy schedule, our hand-crafted dry rubs and sustainably-sourced grilling planks will help take any recipe to the next level. We make each blend from high quality, natural ingredients with no fillers, chemicals, or additives. All ingredients are listed clearly on the label and here in our shop, unlike many dry rubs on the market.

Who's behind Caboose?

Here's a little background on who we are and what we do.

We are Greg and Stacie Humpherys and we're the husband-and-wife team behind Caboose Spice & Company.



I was born and raised in Idaho.  I am married to Stacie and we have two Vizslas, Jennie and Mila.  During the week, you'll find me working as a manufacturing manager at an Idaho-based semiconductor company.  In my spare time, I love to experiment with new grilling and smoking recipes, and I've been developing dry rubs and seasoning blends for about 5 years.  I'm also building a stock car that I'll race this summer at our local 1/4 mile circle track, Meridian Speedway.  


I was raised in Butte, Montana and started my career as a mechanical engineer for the same semiconductor company, where I met Greg and fell madly in love.  About 5 years ago, I re-discovered my passion for art and design, and quit my corporate gig to pursue a home-based business selling cards and paper products on Etsy.  I now design everything you see related to the Caboose Brand, from our website to our packaging.  I also personally respond to all of our customer inquiries and ship each and every order with love.  When I'm not working for Caboose, you'll find me tending our tiny flock of 3 chickens, gardening, or restoring my grandpa's 1965 Pontiac Bonneville coupe.

Our Products

We have been developing and selling our dry rubs and seasonings here since 2013.  We also offer all-natural grilling planks sustainably sourced from the USA and milled by a small, family-owned company right here in Idaho.

Who we serve

Caboose Spice & Company is about helping enthusiastic cooks get amazing flavor out of everyday food.  

baked chicken wings with sauceGreat food shouldn't be difficult or complicated — and you should be able to enjoy it every day.  Whether you consider yourself a foodie, or you hate the term, we know you just want to enjoy the simple delights of mastering a new dish, feeding your family to a show of applause, or entertaining friends without slaving in the kitchen all day long.  

We can help with:

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Our Products

Lo Res Colored Tins-1We proudly offer six dry rubs, along with two flavors of grilling planks.  Our rubs are:  

See them all here.

How We Got Started

It all started just before Christmas one year.  Our neighborhood has a great tradition of exchanging delicious homemade treats just before the holidays, and we were stumped on what to deliver this time.  We were tired of giving out sugary crap and everybody gets way too much of that around the holidays anyway.

Greg had been smoking, grilling, and slow-cooking meats for quite a while, and had developed some delicious spice rubs, so we thought we would make up a couple of tins of our rubs as gifts to help folks experience some delicious new flavors (and enjoy something besides candy) for Christmas.  Stacie is a graphic designer and created some fun packaging for them.

What we didn’t expect is a knock at our door a couple of months later.

One of our neighbors was standing on our porch and said excitedly, “Remember those spice rubs you gave us for Christmas? I used one of them on some fish last week, and wow, did you ever make me look good! My family wanted to know what in the world I did to that fish!  Have you ever thought about selling your dry rubs? I’d buy them!”

With her comments, and similar feedback from other friends and neighbors, we started creating more flavors and giving samples out to friends, family and coworkers.

After much encouragement and testing, here we are!

Connect with us

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