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How to Store Seeds for Your Garden with this Repurposed Seed Storage Container

You've just picked up all of your garden seeds and started planting them. But what do you do with the extra seeds? How long do seeds last? What's the best seed storage container to use? We have answers to those questions, plus a little DIY seed storage container tutorial for you. 

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How to Build an Easy DIY Grow Light for Seedlings

Have you ever started your growing season with glee, only to be disappointed by spindly, weak seedlings? Don't give up!  You might be missing one critical factor in your seed-starting process: light.  You can fix that problem by building an easy DIY grow light for seedlings. Simple, affordable parts from your local hardware store will do the trick.

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How to make your berries bird-resistant on the cheap

I like birds, even in my garden.  They eat pests and they're fun to watch.  Lately, however, robins have been ravaging my strawberry patch — eating those juicy berries before I can have a chance to pick some for myself.  But there's hope — and the secret may just be in your cupboard.

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