How to make your berries bird-resistant on the cheap

I like birds, even in my garden.  They eat pests and they're fun to watch.  Lately, however, robins have been ravaging my strawberry patch — eating those juicy berries before I can have a chance to pick some for myself.  But there's hope — and the secret may just be in your cupboard.

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Coconut Pork Chili with Three Kings

When we returned home from our 8-day trip to LA for Natural Products Expo West, we were faced with an empty-ish fridge and pantry, along with no real desire to make a run to the grocery store. Our solution: a fun game of #RefrigeratorRoulette: Making a delicious meal from the random contents of our refrigerator and pantry. What we ended up with: a deliciously satisfying spicy coconut pork chili — almost a curry — that gently welcomed us back to a chilly early spring in Idaho after over a week in sunny Cal. 

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