Old No. 1 Sweet + Heat + Tangy Seasoning & BBQ Rub

Old No. 1 is universally delicious with the seductive heat of smoked paprika, brown sugar, and earthy notes of clove, cinnamon, and licorice. Use it in BBQ, Asian dishes, and even apple pie!

Flavor profile

Mildly spicy, earthy, smoky, savory, hints of licorice and clove

Food pairing ideas

Chicken, pork, beef, turkey, corn on the cob, tacos, veggies, BBQ ribs, tex-mex, anything & everything BBQ

Old No. 1 is available in these products

We're currently working to launch new packaging and will be offering Old No. 1 as a standalone product very soon. We'll be offering a pre-sale discount - click here to get your coupon and to be notified when the pre-sale is live!