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Western Red Cedar Grilling PlanksNatural Hickory Grilling PlanksAbilene Depot Steak & Burger Rub  ・ River of No Return Fish & Seafood Rub

Western Red Cedar Grilling Planks

  Chicken Pork Seafood: Crab and Shellfish Seafood: Fish, Salmon, Steelhead, Tuna, Trout Seafood: Shellfish, Lobster

Western Red Cedar Grilling Planks are delicious for Salmon

Our Western Red Cedar grilling planks are sustainably harvested and produced with no chemicals so they're completely safe for all kinds of food.

The spicy, fragrant smoke of cedar pairs well with salmon, steelhead, pork chops, chicken, soft cheeses such as Brie, mushrooms, tofu, and vegetables.

How to Grill With Planks

Natural Hickory Grilling Planks

  Beef Pork Lamb  Turkey Wild Game

Grilling pork chops on a hickory plank

Hickory is one of the most commonly-used (and most delicious) woods used in Southern BBQ. 

Hickory's strong, savory flavor adds a distinctive smoke flavor and pairs best with the bold flavors of beef, lamb, pork, bacon, portobello mushrooms, venison, elk, and dark fruits.

How to Grill With Planks

Abilene Depot Steak & Burger Rub

  Beef Lamb  Wild Game

This blend is our very first choice for any cut of beef, lamb, or wild game. Not just for steaks & burgers, we use it to add smoky flavor to baked potatoes, and we even use it on our Christmas prime rib!

Recipes for Abilene Depot Steak & Burger Rub

River of No Return Fish & Seafood Rub

  Shellfish: Crab Fish: Trout, Salmon, Steelhead, Tuna Shellfish: Lobster, Shrimp

This citrus-sweet smoked salt rub is perfect on fish like salmon or steelhead, or as a seasoning for lobster tail, crab, shrimp, or scallops.

Recipes for River of No Return
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