Three Kings Smoky + Spicy + Sweet Seasoning Blend

Three Kings Smoky + Spicy + Sweet Seasoning Blend


Three Kings adds a balanced zing to your meal with habanero pepper, organic maple sugar, and hickory smoke. Use it anywhere you want a little kick -- careful, it's addictive!

SKU# 10169 | UPC: 852397006147 | Size: 4 oz pouch (6.75” H x 3.825 L x 1.25 W)

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Certified Gluten-Free® Natural Ingredients No MSG No Preservatives Made in the USA


  • Heat level: Hot

  • Flavor Profile: sweet, heat, maple, hickory smoke, orange, floral

  • Delicious on: Chicken, pork, beef, grilled pineapple, eggs, coleslaw, potato or macaroni salad, bacon mac & cheese, ANYTHING that needs a kick in the pants!

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About Three Kings

Now it’s time to turn up the heat. Although the habanero pepper is considered very hot at 100,000–350,000 units on the Scoville scale, we have found a way to make it accessible to everyone.

How, you ask? By balancing that heat with sweet organic maple sugar, orange peel, and hickory smoke to bring out the habanero’s delicate floral notes. Instead of allowing that heat blowing out your palate, Three Kings helps you to experience the delicate undertones of this complex chili. Fenugreek’s sweet, nutty flavor further compliments the floral notes of the habanero pepper.

While you won’t want to breathe deeply into an open tin of Three Kings (you’ll start calling it “Three Sneezes!”) it will tickle your tastebuds on almost any food. Use a small amount for a little kick, or pile it on for those hot pepper lovers! Three Kings is our most addictive blend.

Small-Batch Blended with Natural Ingredients


No MSG | No irradiated spices, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, artificial colors, or preservatives | Certified gluten-free by GFCO (what does this mean?)

The story behind the name: Three Kings

We always felt the habanero was known only for its face-melting heat, but it had so much more to offer in the flavor department.

On a quest to show off the pepper’s lesser-known complex floral notes, we created Three Kings after discovering habanero’s unique ability to pair with fruits and preserves.

The three main flavors: sweet, heat, and smoke are strong and almost majestic, yet perfectly balanced.